How to stop/start Cost Manager


1. Go to View All Concurrent Requests form
System Administrator: (N) Requests > View

2. Query on the concurrent requests for the Cost Manager as below:
In Find Requests window:
a) Check Specific Request radio button
b) Set Name = Cost Manager
c) Set Order By = Request ID
d) Set Days = 999 (at the bottom)
e) Press button Find
f) The Requests window appears.

3. Stop the Cost Manager.
a) If the above query did not retrieve any records then there is nothing to do, the Cost Manager is already stopped.
b) Otherwise, if the first record is showing Phase=Completed and Status=Warning, then review the request log.
If the request log is showing the following, it suggests there is an older concurrent request in Running or Pending phase:
“A Cost Manager is already launched.
Action: If you want to launch a new manager, cancel earlier manager first. (MODULE=CMCTCM) : ”
In this case, scroll down until encountering the relevant concurrent request.
c) If the record is showing Phase=Completed, then there is nothing to do, the Cost Manager is already stopped.
d) If the record is showing Phase=Running then wait and query again and again using the Refresh Data button, until Phase becomes Completed or Pending.
e) When the record is showing Phase=Pending and Status=Scheduled, then perform the following quickly:
– cancel the concurrent request using the Cancel button at the bottom
– press button Yes to acknowledge the Decision message.
f) If the Cost Manager was running, you may have to wait for the completion of the cost workers. There are different program names here, depending on the costing methods used at your site.
As soon as the Cost Manager is stopped, you can monitor the costing process by repeatedly running the following SQL:

from mtl_material_transactions
where costed_flag is not null
group by

The counts will decrease as long as the cost workers are processing transactions.
The costing process is actually stopped when the Cost Manager had been stopped per the above steps -AND- the counts do not decrease any more.

Additional (and optional) steps in case you are using any kind of inter-organization transactions:
When a transaction involves 2 different organizations, the Cost Manager may first process the shipment and then the receipt the next time it wakes up. (eg the next time its phase changes from ‘Pending’ to ‘Running’)
Depending on the context, you may want to cost all transactions related to a given transfer instead of stopping the Cost Manager in the middle of the processing.
To achieve this you have to restart the Cost Manager, check if it launches any worker, wait for the worker(s) to complete, perform again the above steps 4 to 6 and repeat all this (restart/cancel) until no worker gets launched.
Notice that to satisfy this constraint you have to ensure that no new transactions are being created in the system. (otherwise you may enter in a loop)

4. When you are ready, you may restart the Cost Manager per the procedure normally used at your site.
Here are the steps commonly used:
a) Switch to your Inventory responsibility.
b) Go to Interface Managers form:
Inventory: (N) Setup > Transactions > Interface Managers
c) Select the record for the Cost Manager.
Click in any column for the row with Name = Cost Manager.
d) (M) Tools > Launch Manager
e) Click Submit button.


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