>  Operating System
>  Installations - Apps11i
>  R12 Topics
>  Installations - Apps R12
>  Patching
>  Cloning
>  Oracle Apps Upgrades
>  System Administration - R11/R12
>  Advance Features - Oracle Apps R12
>  Want to Become an Apps DBA ?
>  Certification - Apps DBA
>  Apps Performance
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Remember Me

RMAN - Backup & Recovery
Convert DB Character Set
Oracle 11g Topics
Oracle 11g DBA course


Information on Apps DBA Certification

R11 - Path

If you already 9i or 10g certified then you need to clear 1Z0_233

Else you need to clear the below papers in any order

Applications DBA Fundamentals I - 1Z0_235
Applications DBA Fundamentals II - 1Z0_236
Oracle 11I Install, Patch and Maintain Applications - 1Z0_233


Preparation -
11iconcepts.pdf - Concepts - Part No. B19295-01 - Release 11i (
r11510ins.pdf - A Guide to Using Rapid Install - B19296-01 - Release 11i (
11iadproc.pdf - Maintenance Procedures - B19299-01 - Release 11i (
11iadutil-1.pdf - Maintenance Utilities - B19300-01 - Release 11i (

R12 - Path

Currently there is a beta exam going on for R12 which costs $50.00, you need to be 10g Certified to get R12 certification

For R12 certification, we can refer material from Oracle corp which is also available in the first install CD or you can download the documentation from http://edelivery.oracle.com

Oracle® Applications
1> Installation Guide: Using Rapid Install - Release 12 - Part No. B31295-06
2> Concepts - Release 12 - Part No. B31450-04
3> Maintenance Procedures -Release 12 (12.0.3) - Part No. B31569-02
4> Maintenance Utilities - Release 12 (12.0.3) - Part No. B31568-02
5> Patching Procedures - Release 12 (12.0.3) - Part No. B31567-03

Oracle EBS R12 Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional- 1Z1-238

Beta Exam
Associated Certifications:
Exam Price: Beta Exam $50 US
Exam Registration: Register
Beta Period open January 03 – September 01, 2008


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need some Docs on 10g OCP
Posted on: 2008-10-01 11:51:54   By: krishnakumari
Hi Kishore,
This is krishna kumari. First of all thank u so much, can't express in words worth you are doing for this site.

Really hands off to yu.

Iam working as APPSDBA from last two years.But unfortunately dont have any certification till now . Now i am planing to write 10g OCA,10 OCP & APPSDBA immediately .

So, for that need your help badly. please provide me some information on this if you have.

Thanks in advance.
Krishna Kumari

This is What i was looking for
Posted on: 2011-10-14 15:27:53   By: nico
Thanks for the resources.i just joined the site today.am sure by the end of two to three weeks i will be an Appsdb

No Subject
Posted on: 2011-12-06 16:12:27   By: acheenu

Your information on apps is very good. i got to know certain things which i have not found anywhere.

I work in Hyderabad, India as Oracle dba.
1. I would like to know what is the use or advantage of doing oracle certification for apps?

2. I have seen lot of my friends are not certified but they have got jobs. So Is it worth spending money for certification?

Hoping for a response.