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SAP - Installation

I am not expert in SAP but a trained BASIS consultant. I started comparing Oracle Application 11i DBA and SAP and felt it is very easy to understand. I was thinking if I can understand SAP, then migrating from Oracle Apps 11i to SAP and vice versa would be bit easy. I have gone through all the phases of BASIS and shall publish one by one.

-- SAP 4.7

Installation SAP 4.7 on Windows 2003 - Part 1
Installation SAP 4.7 on Windows 2003 - Part 2
Install SAPGUI 6.2 - Desktop

-- ECC6

Installation SAP ECC 6 on Windows 2003

Created on 05/18/2008 03:21 PM by akr14feb
Updated on 01/31/2011 10:39 PM by akr14feb
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No Subject
Posted on: 2008-05-18 15:34:47   By: akr14feb
Your comments are greatly appreciated for the improvement of this site.


    Posted on: 2008-05-26 08:47:08   By: kanakaala

    Thanks a Lot. Excelleant Idea you have Implemented.

    Its a Great Job.

    Thanks Again



    Posted on: 2008-08-19 16:31:11   By: Anonymous
    Thanks Aloot...

    Posted on: 2008-12-15 23:43:36   By: Anonymous
    Hi Kishore,

    This is Venkatesh. I have few doubts in installing SAP IDES 4.7 on windows 2003. May i know which version of oracle r u using in your installing procedure doc.

    While i am installing, i have faced few errors. I am yet to try your procedures. But i would like to have some clarification before starting your procedures.

    I have listed below few problem, it would be much appreciated if you can help me to resolve my doubts.

    1. Network adapter error
    Log file:
    [Fatal NI connect error 12560, connecting to:

    TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    Time: 01-JAN-2010 12:09:30
    Tracing not turned on.
    Tns error struct:
    nr err code: 0
    ns main err code: 12560
    TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
    ns secondary err code: 0
    nt main err code: 530
    TNS-00530: Protocol adapter error
    nt secondary err code: 2
    nt OS err code: 0

    2. Unable to get value for environment variable SAPSYSTEMNAME.

    3. Unable to get value for environment variable HOME.

    Can you plz tell me the reason for getting these errors.

    Venkatesh. R

      Re: SAP IDES 4.7 Installation with oracle 9i
      Posted on: 2008-12-16 18:02:15   By: Anonymous

      Eagerly waiting for your reply.

      I think you have used oracle 8i in ur procedures.

      In your doc you have specified OS as 2003 with service pack 4, in 2003 server, only service pack 2 is available.

      I want to install oracle 9i with SAP IDES 4.7 on 2003 server Enterprise Edition with service pack 2.

      My questions are:

      1. If i install without using any service Pack(Only windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition), SAP will work?
      2. Can you help me the procedure to install oracle 9i. If we use oracle 8i, as per the doc. we have to click sapserver.bat, but if i use 9i what is the proc. Can i install using auto run? If i install whether SAP will work.

      Waiting for you kind reply.

      Venkatesh. R

SAP 4.7 Installation on Windows xp
Posted on: 2008-08-03 07:31:29   By: Anonymous
Please let me know how to install SAP 4.7 on windows xp. The guide I read here on your site only applies to windows 2003 server.
Please advise.

    Re: SAP 4.7 Installation on Windows xp
    Posted on: 2008-08-12 01:12:52   By: Anonymous
    I have never tried on Windows XP, the procedure should remain the same. Have you tried it.


      Re: SAP 4.7 Installation on Windows xp
      Posted on: 2009-04-17 22:54:03   By: Anonymous
      Hey guyzz SAP cannot work on XP.U need Win 2000/2003 to run it

        Re: SAP 4.7 Installation on Windows xp
        Posted on: 2009-04-17 22:56:10   By: Anonymous
        Above msg 4m Yatin :)

VM ware -SAP 4.7 Installation Guide
Posted on: 2011-07-25 11:04:25   By: velsap
Hai Kishore

Thanks for given opportunity.

Currently am working as SAP End-user (Material Master) in Oil & Gas Sector in Oman. I would like to change my career in SAP MM Consultant in SAP Core Team. I have purchased New Laptop with Windows 7 OS. I would like to install SAP 4.7 IDES thru VM ware or Virtual Box (have Sap 4.7 IDES Software). I have tried many time to install SAP 4.7 thru VM ware & Virtual Box software, but it could not success. Am getting Error during SAP DB installation. Hence could you Please provide VM ware-SAP 4.7 IDES Installation Guide (with Screen shot). Which will helpful to install software in my Laptop.

Kindly do the needful

Best Regards
Vadivel Vasu